Customer Feedback

Teodora Samokovska – ProMarket LTD

“Being a fast-paced supermarket chain we needed a versatile software product to suit our wide range of business needs. We are very happy to have selected Mistral Software as it provided us with a flexible and customizable solution able to satisfy the rigorous nature of the large volume of customers we serve daily. It is indeed quite user-friendly, quick to integrate and last but not least offers a great value for money.
Needless to say, we achieved the full functionality we requested within the promised deadlines and were able to seamlessly transition to the new system as the software was easily assimilated by our employees. During this process we developed an excellent business relationship with the Mistral Software team, which is of the utmost importance for the continued development of our business operations.”

Vladislav Kirov – Spaghetti Company

”For the management of our two restaurant chains Spaghetti Company and Motto we utilize Mistral Software. We selected this product for its quick implementation and customization, ease of use, smooth learning curve and the fact that it allows our staff to scan items quickly.
We achieved the functionality required by our business at an affordable startup and maintenance price. During the realization of this project we established a rapport with the Mistral Software team, which is of great importance for the success and development of our business.”


Andrian Ivanov – Alcohol & Tabakoff

”With this recommendation we would like to express our satisfaction with the optimization of our overall business activity by the Mistral Software team. By implementing Mistral Software, we were able to centralize the operations of our 37 Alcohol & Tabakoff locations, thus solving the operational issues we used to face. The fast and dependable service and the relationship of mutual understanding between us and the Mistral Software professional staff are at the very core of our success.”